Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Measurement?

My instructional unit is for second grade and deals with the topic of measurement. In this unit we will cover money, tools used for measuring, clocks and equivalencies in measurement.

My essential question is: Is math more than numbers?
My unit questions is: When do we use measurement in the real world?
My content questions are: How much money is here?
What is the change for this purchase?
What is the length of ______ using a ruler?
What time is shown on the clock?
How many inches are in one foot?

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Beginning Class Sessions

I am currently teaching second grade and am hopeful the skills from this class will make me a better teacher. It was a good reminder to look at the 21st Century Skills again. Our students will not be looking for jobs in the same market we were. Project Based Learning is effective in a differentiated classroom where all students can work at their level cooperatively. I have used projects before but had not called them "projects". Our entire second grade will be working on creating a weather brochure this month as an assessment to our weather unit. Each student will work on their own during computer time. The TIS at our school is assisting with this project. I will also use projects as teaching/assessment tools in other units. I was not sure how I would use a curriculum framing question in my classroom. I think with second graders I have to be pretty specific with instruction.