Monday, February 23, 2009

Why Measurement?

My instructional unit is for second grade and deals with the topic of measurement. In this unit we will cover money, tools used for measuring, clocks and equivalencies in measurement.

My essential question is: Is math more than numbers?
My unit questions is: When do we use measurement in the real world?
My content questions are: How much money is here?
What is the change for this purchase?
What is the length of ______ using a ruler?
What time is shown on the clock?
How many inches are in one foot?


  1. I know you were behind because you were out of town. Thanks for your thoughts on projects. Many times, especially at earlier grades, you complete projects integrating many subjects and are not sure they are projects because it is a natural way to teach your students. Your proposed unit seems appropriate. You questions also seem appropriate for this grade level although I would suggest making your essential question your unit question. What big idea(s) are you trying to get across? Is it accuracy? Communication? Standardization? If so then maybe a way to make it fit more subjects might be:
    Why is it important to be accurate?
    How do we communicate?
    How are we all the same?

  2. I liked your unit question. This seems like an appropriate question for second grade and I feel it would be effective in stimulating their curiosity. The content questions are also easy to follow. The only suggestion I have relates to the essential question. You might want to make the question more open ended. You could do this by eliminating the word math.

  3. I Think your idea of being specific with questioning is improtant especially at the younger level. I really like your unit questions, although they do seem to cover a broad range of topics. I agree with mpfister that the essential question needs some work.