Sunday, March 8, 2009

Unit Plan Reflection

How can I use the Internet to support my teaching and students' learning?

My second grade students come to school with very little background knowledge. I use the internet to bring world experiences into the classroom without the students actually visiting the sites. When we learn about animals and their habitats we can visit the jungle online, for example. The students can also research on the internet given a list of approved sites and computer lab time.

How can I ensure responsible and appropriate use of the Internet?

My students need to be supervised while on the Internet. They will be given a list of approved sites for them to use. We will also discuss the correct ways to use the Internet and the consequences for incorrect use.

Cosider how the knowledge you gained from this module will impact your teaching and your students' learning. Record your insights, key learnings, and questions or concerns in your reflection.
I would like to incorporate more independent research on the Internet for my students. I had not considered using a specific site list for the students but I think this is a very good idea. I would think it less likely that students would wander onto other sites if they have an approved list. I would hate for one of my second graders to find an inappropriate site. I am apprehensive about allowing my students on the Internet for just that reason.

Project info: My project is on Measurement and the students will create a power point showing objects they measured and the actual measurements.

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