Tuesday, March 24, 2009


How do I assess student learning?

In my classroom, I use formal assessments from a book, teacher created tests and rubrics. I use informal assessments while they work by teacher observation, using the Senteo system, playing educational games on the SMART Board, and using white boards to show answers.

How do I involve students in the assessment process?

I would say this a weak area of my teaching. I have had the students help create a rubric with me for an assessment and evaluate each other as far as participation in a group project but that's about all. I generally establish which standards are to be covered and how they will be assesed. The students do know at the beginning of a unit what the assessment will include and it's format.

I am going to use my blogging question with my students when they go to the computer lab to check their understanding of the topic we are working on right now in class and to see if they like to blog. Some of my higher students have blogged before in response to a book that was read to them. I am concerned that my lower students will have a hard time blogging because of their spelling skill level.


  1. Thanks for your ideas on blogging. How do you like using the Senteo clickers?

  2. Congrats on being able to use the "smart board" to play educational games .. I feel that students really feel that they are more involved with the process of learning when they are able to display their "results" for the entire class ..
    What is the Senteo system?

  3. I also feel that letting the kids on the assessment process is hard. I think as teachers we like making the rules and deciding what something should look like and how it should be graded. (At least that is how I am) I think kids also struggle with coming up with what a quality product would be on their own. I would love to know how the blogging goes in your class. I also chose to do the blog, but probably will not be able to fit it in this year.